That should read that we spent Monday night in Teslin YT.  We didn't overnight anywhere on Sunday night, only stopping for an hour in Smithers to sleep in a parking lot.

We left Kelowna on Sunday at 2pm and arrived in the 4x4 truck in Dawson at 6pm today (Tuesday), stopping only in Teslin, YK on Tuesday night.  The trip was fairly uneventful, although the Cassiar on Monday and a section of the Klondike today were not ploughed and were somewhat daunting, especially when passing trucks.

We didn't see any wildlife Sunday or Tuesday, but Monday we saw a moose, a lynx, a couple flock of ptarmigan and some caribou or elk. 

Annette and Bob remain up north at Eagle Plains, but expect they will return with the only 2 other remaining Alcan cars tomorrow, and head to Alaska.  Apparently, it could be 3 more days until the Dempster opens up north of Eagle Plains.

Dawson is wonderful to look at, with well preserved buildings.  We went up Dome Mountain to get a good look at the confluence of the Klondike and the Yukon.  Upon entering the town, we drove on the ice bridge across the Yukon River and back, a few times. I filmed David driving, and managed to nearly get slighlty frostbitten on my fingertips in a matter of minutes, due to the biting wind.  It took nearly an hour to thaw them out.  It's only -20 hear, but the windchill helps make it colder.  It is, however, extremely dry, which makes the temperature out of the wind easily quite bearable.

I don't know what's in store for us in the rest of this trip, but already, just getting to Dawson after losing the MINI and heading backwards feels like a great accomplishment.

MINI Kelowna really screwed up, and after finally getting a call back this afternoon, we were informed that they won't look at it until tomorrow.  We are in total limbo since we don't know if they can make it drivable quickly.  If not, David might have to leave it out West and we will be flying back home instead of driving.


I have plenty of Air Miles to burn since they're going to expire in a couple years.  But we don't know if or what day we can fly out, and typically last minute seats on points are impossible to find.  Presently we may have to take a bus to either Seattle or Calgary, which are both 10 hours

Sunday: We rented a truck in Kelowna, since once you explode all the stuff out of a perfectly compacted MINI, you need a lot of space.  As of 2pm, we are trying to figure out what to do until the car is assessed on Monday


The truck is like driving a boat, could not be further unlike driving the MINI

We had a mechanic drop by our hotel in Prince George today to look at the car. David tore apart a lot of the front bumper so we could look at the rad (which has little or no fluid in it).  Everything looks fine.  However, we can't open the bonnet, so we were SOL in Prince George until Monday.  Same goes for MINI in the nearest town of Kelowna, so we figured it was best to send the car to Kelowna.  Since one-way car rentals are virtually impossible in Canada, we had to accompany the car in the cab of the pickup truck for the 9 hour journey to Kelowna, arriving around 11pm.

On Sunday, we'll probably rent a car for the day to look around.