David and I drove to Kelowna this morning to get stuff out of the MINI.  The mechanic showed us where the frame was bent, which would require removing the engine to straighten.  MINI Kelowna is a little surprised that the insurance company wants to write off the car, but they said it's common that American insurers do that when the car is in Canada.  The salvage value is no more than $5000. 

We also noticed that the rack did quite a bit of damage to the roof, including a bit of twisting, which would not have helped.  The amount of damage - despite the car being driven away from the crash site - is in some ways quite remarkable.  The downside of cars that take impacts a lot better than in the past is that they also crumple slightly even in an otherwise fairly trivial low speed collision.

David gave away his NATO gas cans to a BMW driver who was passing by and asked questions about the crash; apparently a fellow Land Rover owner, which pleased David to no end.  Most of the rest of the gear got packed into boxes, secured by gaffer tape, which we took to the Greyhound Express counter about a block away..  We sent a huge goalie-sized duffle bag and 4 boxes to NY for $900. The heaviest box was 93 lbs.

Shipping the stuff - and the hit in the wallet - caused more anxiety for David than anything so far on the trip.  He was totally composed during the MINI crash, towing it south for a day, the truck rental, stuffing the truck on the Dempster, driving on ice roads, getting hit by a tractor trailer while sitting in the truck - but shipping boxes nearly made him apoplectic. 

Fortunately, everything else should run smoother - I bought first class airline tickets for both of us to head back east, which gives us each 140 lbs of check in baggage allowance.  I flew west with carry on only, but am returning with a huge duffle bag and a very heavy compression sac of food and sleeping bags.

Unfortunately, I'm flying out of Kelowna, while I could only get a flight for David out of Vancouver, so we rented one way to Vancouver.  When we returned the truck, they liked us so much they gave us the same truck back for the one way.  I guess Enterprise rentacar now gets to deal with the smashed mirror.  Speaking of which, there is no deductible on my credit-card based collision insurance on the rental, which is lucky.  Also, it doesn't affect my own car insurance, which is a lot better situation than David.

Anyway, I'm spending the day in Kelowna Airport, and will be home tomorrow.