The Icefields Parkway is closed, but David and I really enjoyed the drive through Jasper National Park.  We stopped for a couple herds of elk, one of which crossed the road.  We also watched some small-horned sheep in a group by the highway, which crossed behind us when a truck blared its horn.  David rode a ways in the back of the truck, shooting the scenery and sheep.

As we approached another herd of elk, I pulled over on the full-width shoulder. After I took some shots of a rail bridge about 30 yards ahead, while walking back to the truck I noticed that two tractor-trailers were about to pass beside where our truck was parked.  I was worried that one would hit my mirror, so I stopped walking toward the truck.  The truck cleared the mirror by the smallest of margins, but the rear of the trailer hit the edge of the mirror going about 90km/h.  Glass and plastic came flying toward me, as I covered my face. 

David was sitting in the passenger seat, and no one was harmed. About 1/3 of the mirror is missing, and the housing will have to be replaced. 10 miles down the road, I used a payphone to call and inform the credit card company's insurer of the accident.  David and I thought it was bad when we got a big chip in the truck windshield for the first time yesterday.  

Now we both have insurance claims on this trip.  Our joke is that it's a good thing that we didn't lose a headlight, or they might write off the truck (like the MINI, which didn't have much damage, but the insurer wants to write off the car!)