The trip from Ft. Nelson BC to Hinton AB today was fairly uneventful.  We passed more trucks today than the rest of the trip so far combined - many times over.  The volume of economic activity from Ft. St. John southward is enormous, and it all seems to involve moving large amounts of materiel around.  We pass an oversize/overwide load at least every 15 to 20 minutes, often more frequently.

We made a stop in Dawson Creek and walked through town, to take photos of ourselves with the Mile 0 marker of the Alaska Highway.  The achievement of building the road in only 8 months is even harder to believe now that we've driven so much of the road.

The volume of traffic south of Ft. St. John picked up dramatically, and soon after crossing into Alberta, the highway widened to 4 lanes.  Once in Hinton, we knew we were in civilization since the gas was cheap (1.13/L rather than up to 1.85 the day before) and the hotel was very reasonable ($65 rather than $150).


Tomorrow we will take our time touring Jasper and Banff parks on the Icefields Parkway