We had a great drive down the Alaska Highway today, from Teslin, YK to Fort Nelson BC.  In the Liard lowlands we saw wolf, moose, caribou, ptarmigan and many bison.  A couple times we would just stop the truck in the middle of a herd of bison, which would largely ignore us.

Later, we entered the Northern Rockies, which were just beautiful at sunset.  I would have liked to have stayed at a hotel nestled in the mountains, but David wanted to push on, so we drove for another 3.5 hours to Fort Nelson in the dark.  The road was narrow and twisting throughout most of that portion of the ride.

At least we finally arrived at our destination (barely) before the last restaurant in town closed, so we were finally able to eat a nice dinner, the first in about 5 days.  David brought enough tuna and salmon to eat for a month, but I like to keep it to only one meal of it a day.

Both David and I remarked on how it was yet another incredible day in a long string of them - usually any single one of these days would be the highlight of most vacations. The Alaska Highway is a truly remarkable road, and I can barely wait for my kids to be old enough to take an entire summer to tour the Northwest.