After a bit of a late start, we made our way down the Klondike.  Again the road was much better than on our journey north, so we were able to shave more than an hour on the trip to Whitehorse. 

We also took the South Klondike Highway from Whitehorse to the border near Skagway, which coincidentally allowed us to clinch the entire Klondike Highway. Since the truck can't go into the US, we got out of the truck and walked just over the border to take pictures at the summit of the White Pass. Customs of each country was many miles away from the border, each at the nearest towns (Skagway and Fraser).

The mountains on the way south from Whitehorse were really great to behold.  The last few miles in the pass were almost pure white avalanche zone, above the treeline, with probably a dozen feet of snow carved away from many sections of the road. 

After turning around, we had to pass through Canada Customs, which was surprised to hear that we'd obeyed the prohibition against the rental car going into Alaska. "Everybody does it".  Apparently, I'm more law-abiding than most.  They still wanted our ID.

From there, we drove north to Carcross, and east to Teslin on YK 8 and the Alcan. During the day, we found out that Bob hadn't left Anchorage for Whitehorse after all, so we're unlikely to be able to drive down the Alcan to Alberta together.