We made the run down the Dempster in about 8 hours. While I averaged 65km/h on the Dempster going north, I averaged 95km/h on the way south. The weather was great and the road was in much better shape than on the way up.  The trip through the Richardson Pass was incredible, we witnessed Sundogs and Sun circles galore.  The trip through the Ogilvy Mountains at the bottom end was done in the dark, but was nowhere near as nerve wracking, since the edges of the road were much more apparent than 2 days ago.  No more having to thread the needle. Dave shook my hand after completing the Dempster without stuffing the truck.

 We were looking forward to Dawson since we'd heard on the way up that Diamond Tooth Gertie's Gambling Hall - normally closed in winter - was going to be open that night for the Top of the World (snomobile) Trek, which was in town.

The Gambling Hall was the best casino I've ever been in. All of it was in a single hall, including a stage, dinner tables, a good sized bar, a 'gourmet snack bar' that actually served good food, various gambling tables and slots.  I made almost enough to pay for my meal.  Being the sabbath, David wasn't able to take the house for anything.

There were a few somewhat large women in period dress, except oddly in T-shirts rather than blouses.  Many prospectors had come out of the bush for the night to gamble and carouse with a motley assortment of women. Together, they consisted of the oddest set of characters I've ever encountered in a casino. Also a first for me was seeing that the casino cashiers had a scale to weigh the gold that the prospectors brought.

The Hall allowed me to discover that once David's had a few, he has the same personality, just slightly accentuated. He slept it off the next morning at our lodging on the edge of town, the Bonanza Motel.