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Overview | FAQs | Proposed Itinerary | Route Maps | Ferry Info | Budget
Overview | Photos and Videos | FAQs | Proposed Itinerary | Route Maps | Cell Phones | Budget
Overview | FAQs | Proposed Itinerary | Route Maps | Ferry | Budget
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Maritimes/Gaspe/Quebec City Tour

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Rough Itinerary

Day Notes Driving Hours
Thursday From NYC area, leave early afternoon, arrive in Lubec, ME

11 (NYC)
7 (NH/MA)


Spend first half of the morning enjoying Campobello Island. Drive along Fundy, through National Park, and then on to PEI. Overnight in Charlottetown

Saturday Fundy or PEI, follow Acadian Shore up New Brunswick to Perce, on southern Gaspe Peninsula 10

Perce around town of Gaspe and Florillon National Park, to Rimouski

Monday Rimouski to Quebec City. Enjoy half an activity day in Quebec City. Funicular, walled city, lower-town, 500-year-old streets. 4

Return Home from Quebec City.

9 (NYC)
7 (NH/MA)


Itinerary Notes

Minimum Length: 6 days / 5 nights (includes 2 half-activity days, or 1 day in total)

The trip is almost entirely a loop, so there is little or no backtracking except in PEI and near Campobello Island.


The 2100km/1200mile-long all-season loop route is entirely paved. Some portions are freeway, while the rest are often high-quality super-2 highway, except in PEI and around the Gaspe Peninsula. Driving at night is not an issue.

This trip takes you to Campobello Island on Passamaquoddy Bay, and then on up the Bay of Fundy coast, followed by a short tour of PEI, then a run along NB's Northumberland coast. The trip is capped by a circumnavigation of the Gaspe Peninsula, and finishes with some activity time in Quebec City. Suffice to say that there are sights and attractions galore. The Bay of Fundy boasts the highest tides in the world, the effect of which is quite visible.

PEI is known for golfing, endless green rolling hills Anne of Green Gables and the Confederation Bridge that links it to NB. Shortly after the bridge is Shediac, NB, the lobster capital of the Maritimes, followed by Kouchibouquac National Park. Beyond Miramichi is the heavily Acadian portion of NB.

The South Shore / Gaspé loop starts at the border with NB, and rolls along the coast of Chaleur Bay, where Champlain first landed in 1508. At Percé is the enormous and famous rock arch that is hundreds of feet high and navigable underneath at high tide. Tours out onto the promontory and by boat are available in summer months. The road from Percé to Gaspé is hilly and twisting, a fabulous drive to a town perched on a hill. Rounding to the north shore, the road hugs the coast tenaciously, in and out of coves. Signs abound warning of waves. The peninsula consists of the northern tip of the Appalachians, as the plunge into the Atlantic, in Florillon National Park. As the hours go by following the South Shore, the villages turn into towns, and eventually towns into cities, and the provincial capital, Quebec.

Quebec is the only walled city in North America north of the Rio Grande. It also boasts some of the oldest roads, nearing 500 years in age. No trip to Quebec City is complete without a ride on the funicular, and a view of the Plains of Abraham, where the English wrested control of North America from the French.

Sights / Attractions

St.-Andrews-by-the-sea, Bay of Fundy, highest tides in the world, Fundy National Park, Kajimkajuk National Park, Anne of Green Gables, Confederation Bridge, Shediac, Acadia, Perce, Gaspe, Florillon National Park, Quebec City

Claims to Fame

Canada has the most coastline of any country in the world, this trip allows you to cover some of the best of it accessible via road.


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